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We love to help

We have now been operating for over a year with the audio tracks of more than 100 vinyl records and audio cassettes as well as VHS tapes successfully restored.  

Over that time we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, and now we’re ready to offer these services to the wider community.

Why not see for yourself what amazing things can be achieved with latest technology.  

We have realised that there are a great number of proud owners of vinyl record and/or VHS collections, but realise that maybe now’s a good time to archive those recordings before they get lost, stolen or simply before the quality of the recordings deteriorate due to aging or overuse.  That’s where we can step in to support them all of the way!

Maybe you are one of those proud owners.  You could give us a try!

Restoration and Transfer

We have set up a little studio with 2 high-quality turntables, 1 high quality tape deck, sophisticated highly-acclaimed audio restoration software running on Windows 8.1, Panasonic VHS Hi-Fi Stereo Nicam VHS player and recorder, Epson Artisan Photo printer with CD-labelling capability, photo-quality paper and vinyl record cleaning equipment.

With this carefully selected and tested equipment we not only record and transfer your audio-cassettes, VHS tapes, Cds, vinyl records, gramophone records (78s), we also process them to remove unwanted noise, to make them sound good again (many even say good as new).

We next transfer them to a media of your choice and, if desired, top if off nicely with labels and sleeves, to create that lovely ‘just like bought in a shop’ finish.  

With your consent, we can even clean your vinyl records before processing.

Gramophone Records inspection.

Recording in progress.

Label and sleeve inspection

Removal of Clicks

Experience and Professionalism