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You don’t want to lose your precious recordings?

SAS Media can help!

Services currently provided include...

  1. The digital re-recording of your media (necessary for pre-processing) - this includes vinyl records, gramophone records, VHS cassettes, audio cassettes, DVDs, mini-DVDs (Sorry, no servicing of reel-to-reel tapes - yet).
  2. The removal of unwanted noise found in these recordings (popular with old vinyl records or audio cassettes)
  3. The re-mastering of recordings to make them sound refreshed and more dynamic (on request)
  4. The transfer of your recordings to modern media of your choice (Blu-ray DVDs, DVDs, Audio CDs, Flash-Drives, Hard-Drives, yes even to remote Websites, where these can be downloaded by you back to your computer, via a simple weblink)
  5. The printng (glossy or simple finish) of your CDs and DVDs, booklets and jackets - The glossy finish really looks like you’ve purchased them at the shop.
  6. The professional casing of your media.
  7. In many cases I can even recover lost data on DVDs that no longer play, or edit your rough video footage to visually revive it and improve the audio.
more...LPs and CDs

Iain Mitchell (pictured on left) from Hokitika, is just one of many proud new owners of high-quality restored and remastered recordings.  Here is what he thought about our service:

“We asked Andreas to transfer our old albums onto CD.  

There were around 120 and he conducted the work in a swift and professional manner at a reasonable cost.  

The CDs also had copies of the original covers on the jewel cases and each CD was properly named and labelled.  

We were extremely happy with his service and found him accommodating and helpful.  

We would have no hesitation to recommend Andreas’s services to all and sundry.  

Yours ay.”

Iain Mitchell with Dave Burland Album - original and new CDs

Keep your most precious recordings alive